Implementing Nixer CyberML can be done in two ways, depending on your objectives

Improving credential protection

Release 1 of Nixer CyberML is all contained in the code libraries downloadable from Github.  Providing you have a Java Spring application, you can download it, review the code, incorporate it and change it all under the the Apache 2.0 open source license.  Read about the features in Release 1.

If you need help or guidance with the code libraries, or advice about credential protection
and Account Take Over (ATO) attacks, please
contact Crossword.


Adding advanced security or user behaviour based
machine-learning functions to your applications

If you want to use Nixer CyberML cloud based services to provide insight into some of your application user data, which can then be harnessed using the Nixer CyberML architecture in your Java Spring applications, Crossword Cybersecurity will work with you through these steps:

Implementation phase

Anonymised data analysis

ML Algorithm design and selection

Nixer CyberML architecture implementation

Cloud based service design and initiation

Subscription phase

SaaS based ML service & monitoring subscription

Please contact Crossword Cybersecurity
to find out more