Nixer CyberML Release 1

The features in Release 1 focus on detecting and managing Credential Attacks, and are delivered fully via the downloadable code libraries.  Read how these could benefit Enterprises, SaaS Vendors and Java Developers.


Nixer CyberML Release 1 features

By incorporating Nixer CyberML release 1 into your Java Spring application, you can:

Implement the extendable Nixer CyberML architecture

Detect credential stuffing attacks in progress

Label/flag users logging in during credential stuffing attacks

Look up all application credentials against a list of 555M leaked username/password combos and make recommendations if matched

Display Google CAPTCHA 2.0 or other MFA during credential stuffing attacks

Publish events to SIEMs

Implement IP range filters

Use or fork the code using the Apache 2.0 open source license

For more information, please contact us or visit Github